I Just Need To Get My Random Thoughts Out

Hopeless. Just hopeless. No one can help him, even his own self. What a miserable man. What a terrible faith.

Beer never tasted this good.

Bad Romance

You are full of issues. So, am I. We are a bad combination. But I love you so much. I hope you  love me enough to fight for me, too. And together we’ll overcome these issues. We are okay as we are. If we just don’t let them take over us, we are gonna be okay all the way. We just need to be there for each other. So, keep holding on, I will never let go of you.

No, You Are Not What You Think You Are. Stop It, You Are Hurting Me

No hint! No hint at all! I can’t believe all the words he blurted out. I know he’s just confused. I’ve been stalking him in all the social networking sites he has joined. While it may not reveal everything about his life, anything he does in there is reflective of his thoughts and who is. And no, there is no single clue leading to that conclusion. I’m quite sure he’s not hiding it there, even constructively. His account look like diaries - only available for himself. He is not friends there with people he is friends with in real life and in FB. He seems to be friends and followed by people he doesn’t really know in person - that he doesn’t even interact with in there, if I may add. So, apparently, he could just post anything he wants without being judged. He’s not really the type who would hesitate what to post. And I’ve seen tons of post from the moment he joined to the present. If he has it in him, it will show. There has to be at least a clue. But there is none at all! Besides, he is so loving and he always exerts the best effort for me. I may complain that he doesn’t make any effort at all to make things between us okay when we are in a fight. But it only seems like that because he doesn’t make any move when I am still too stubborn to listen and understand. I may be the one to make the first move and apologize after not talking for days but never did he reject me. He accepts me despite my temperament. It pisses him off but he doesn’t show it when he is not even like that at all. And I’ve also seen him in his drunk state, a time when people become more honest and straightforward. But all he does are things that reassure his love for me. I think he thinks to much. Maybe he’s just not liking something he is in at present (annoying things I do, including), which leads him to think that the other road is the higher road. And as he considers that, he recalls his thoughts and actions that make him appear he is what he confuses himself to be. But he is not! He can act and think like one to some extent without actually being one. That is normal. He’s overthinking. He’s always had that problem.

I Lost Him

I can’t believe I lost him. We’re still together but I’ve already lost him. If he thinks he’s not capable of being in a relationship with me then he shouldn’t have done so. Feelings are at stake here. One cannot just come and go anytime he pleases. He cannot expect the other person to not get hurt and automatically get back to living the life she had before he came long. People make mistakes but entering a relationship don’t just happen in a snap. You are given time to think and reflect. One must ponder on its consequences before deciding to jump in it. Now, I feel like I’ve been literally jumped on and hurt.